Preface to the Spiritual Couplets of Rumi

(c) Translation By Dr. Ali Arsanjani

These are the famous first 11 verses of the Spiritual Couplets of Rumi, the renowned

Listen to how this reed-flute complains
Of separations that have brought it pains

Since they cut me from this bed of reeds
My cry has made men and women weep

Bring me a heart that was rent asunder in tears
If you want me to tell, the story you’re longing to hear

Anyone who stays far from their source  
Will seek reunion as a matter of course

I wailed with the pains of each community
I became soulmates with both the sad and happy

Each one, from thoughts they had, my friend indeed
But none did seek the secrets within I keep

My secrets are not far from moans you hear
But they haven’t that light the eye and ear

Body and soul are not hidden from the other
Yet people don’t have the power of inner vision

The Breath in the flute is not wind but fire
Those who don’t have this fire, may expire.

It’s the fire of love that dropped in the flute
It’s the bubbling of love that dropped into wine

A companion of those parted from a friend
The flute, whose veil rends our veils asunder.