Melodious structures can murmur in poetic harmony. How? Watch, in the woods, right before dawn…

when the wind reminds the trees with
an incantation of the breeze and
tells the moment to please pause
for it’s time not to appease, even for a moment,
the tyranny of Time, so stay a while….
hear the bass rhythm of rain….

I ease into this lingering moment
who indulges me, with a gaze
so deep it frees my mind
and I cease to exist
for that flicker of eternity

I follow the scent of pine after rain
with the breeze, that flows through the trees
and see the diversity of leaves sing in
melodious shades of red, in unison with prosidy

A forgotten song, like past rungs
of a ladder you forgot you climbed
reverberating in the corridor of time:

“Go passerby to Sparta tell,
Obedient to her law we fell.”

the vector of chance floated in the breeze, winding in the trees but will not ease even for a moment…for me to seize….