Rumi Ghazal 2245

Musician, with beauty like the Moon

Tell me, everything you have heard !

We have all been in your circle of trust

Tell me, everything you have seen! 

Our King, our Governor,  by your hand

You bring green freshness to the land 

Within the holy sacrament of our life

Tell me what you have come upon! 

Shy, coy like a  fresh  daffodil

May God always assist her!

Yesterday I saw you in His flowergarden

Tell me, which flowers did you cut?

I am growing more restless now

my heart brimming in drunken love 

You can observe everyone all the time

Tell me, then, which have you chosen?! 

Holidays come and pass along

Your Holy Day remains everlasting 

From the fate of the Heavens, unaided

Tell me, how were you able to flee! 

In the sweetland of the Soul

I am drowned in your sweetness

Inside that sweetland

Tell us, what were you able to taste?   

Wine pulled me leftward

my heart pulled me right  

Don’t worry, this tug of war is sweet

Tell us, what have you been pulling for? 

As you poured wine into the cup, 

I knew you would stir controversy! 

In the streets behind the wine tavern

Tell us, where did you hide the keys? 

The passion emanating from our taverns

 The shining light of our meditations

The veils of our intentions –

Tell us, have you rent them asunder? 

Into the clouds went the Moon

darker it grew and subdued 

Moon who are distant from clouds

Tell us, now that you’re clear of them! 

May your rays be everlasting

May your Moon ever shine 

The whirling heaven is your servant 

Tell us, from what have you fled?

Love asked me last night

How did you fall in love with Me? 

I said: don’t dwell on how!

Tell us, what have you woven ?

I used to be a warrior

wise and pious was I

Like a cautious bird avoiding traps

Tell us, what were you flying away from?