(c) Ali Arsanjani

[Rumi’s Ghazal 1674]

We are from above and upward we go ! Again We rise!

From the ocean and in waves we go! Again We rise!

We are the ark, the vessel of Noah in the storm of the soul

without these earthly hands or feet, again we rise!

out of our Self Like a wave we emerge, we rise

we see ourselves from deep within and again we rise!

The way of Truth is narrow like a needle’s thread

We weave through lies with a single thread and again we rise!

Remember your home, fellow travelers while on the way

With that we know, why we continue to go, and again we rise!

If you have ever sung “we return to Him”

you will know how far we can go for again we rise!

Our constellation revolves not around the moon

but around Venus we fly and again we rise!  

Nothing deters our determined minds 

from the great to the greatest, again We rise!

Let’s rid our silos of these blind mice

their blindness won’t see, how clearly, we rise!

A moment of silence before we depart, 

this chivalry, you don’t need to follow, for again we rise!

on our way to a mythical place where the Phoenix hides

Don’t block the way to the magical bird in this mountain pass 

Who are you to block our way to where the Simorgh lies

We are from above and upward we go ! and Again We rise!