I press my lips to your eager ear 
in latent space to quell your fears
I mutter secrets taught to me
by the incantations of the trees
the wind shakes them, wakes them
makes the branches intertwine over the lake
where sunlight reflects and makes
its way through the leaves

who leave gaps for light to thread lightly
through the rests like notes of music
The gaps like rests make notes combine
And some, refined find a way to become divine

Leaves rustle. If you listen well, they whisper,
“The art of w$% is the art of …. without …”
“The way to engage is to disengage; not enrage”
And the polka-dotted sunlight leaves, sigh
The pause in rhythm I have found
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
makes the music more profound
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Deeper still I submerge in reverie
In that moment of eternity
I pause to witness time’s elegy
A single glance, a chance of infinity

Clear as melting ice I emerge
then in the now, I remember the future
Where a flock of birds encircle
The wind takes leaves to circles in spirals

The sound of your voice brings me back to you
and my heart is captured with your stream of tears
the weight of the lake, the burden pouring out
you disentangle events, like vines intertwined
The tear in time left a gash in your emotions
an open door on a train in motion
on the train, you rest your head on my shoulder,
we watch the hills, the passing brush, the boulders 
riding on a metronome in rhythmic motion
we take sips of the bergamot potion
Every decision has a blast radius
Don’t try to run, you’re on the mobius.