The swirling gases circle round
In space unbounded they abound
At the center they reside
point of no return, marked with pride
where nothing, not even light
— can escape, gases swirling like a
Magician’s cape.

Sagittarius A, M87 birds of like feather
Burning like phoenixes in the ether
In the nether quarters of milky oblivion
They toss and turn, they ride and burn
A point controlling swirling circles of release
So massive there is no tension to ease

Gaze at it in its naked birth suit
It becomes invisible
What is a photo?
“A photograph is an image created by light
falling on a photosensitive surface.”
But whatif the unseeable eats light
For a living and allows none to escape it’s
Devouring swirling mouth?

Like time devouring it’s tail

And it’s youth.

Credit: EHT collaboration