If it quacks like a duck, if it walks like…it used to be a duck
But none of those things seem true anymore
Perhaps the ‘sonnet’ writer thinks the reader’s a schmuck
Iambic shmiabic, rhyme schemes are out the door

The volta is a turn yes, but ridicule is the way
That we roll, like how it was stolen the election
Number of lines are also considered hear-a-say
They don’t really have to be 3 quatrains and a section

At the end with a double rhyme? Nolonger.
Lines are now grown wild like slithering vines
that squeeze meaning, to a whimpering halt, they grind
The rhinds of structure – but let’s not be a structure-monger

Any shadow of structure – even a ghazal– is one

Only because there is a repetition of a word at the end
And the sonnet’s famous turn doesn’t really have the bend.