I feel the fullness, somewhat eerie peering down at me
I see the eye, gigantic in the sky, floodlight of the summer night
first full summer moon, by tradition Guru Purnima celebrated with
candles the greatness of the Teacher along the Ganges.

And I, in gratitude towards those not here, but I still love afresh
And those who are here near, my mind does look again upon their face
that first look saved for them and no other place
Once you gazed the very first time at the fullness fresh.

The maple leaves soak in what the night of silver leaves,
surprised as I upon your face a gaze, the blades of grass clap in unison
as the summer breeze, that makes lovers and branches clasp.
I sigh in forgetful content – a moment of ease – I close my eyes but still

I see the Moon, the Feminine Master, the reign of Silver strength
the dynasty of Gold, just yesterday is old and gives way
to time foretold – the path not yet taken by the couple kissing
under the moonlight, who hear a love sonata in the leaves…

the campfire lull in the distance plucked by the twang of the guitar
sending highschoolers sparks of memories of summer love
That happened all too fast before autumn and school caught up
Now a dove coos and the peace of the night like a gown undoes .

Elsewhere, a family in Ukraine huddle in fright
behind the rubble tonight to escape their plight
sleep deprived soldiers can’t draw the curtain to snooze
before the fight to defend the onslaught plotted.

But here in the homeland, a congregation of society, civilized?
I hear the pop pop pop of AK- shots , the day in memory to veterans
Is tainted with incidents in 16 states where innocents utter screams and die
Access is easy and background checks are overrun, stomachs turn.

I sit there sitting– in a loop – under shadows cast by the reflection
of the mast from the Sun of the past and at last, I sail amphibious
along the silver strip of mobius in motion – my Master, give me a taste
of your potion, so the bitterness of their plight, is sweetened by hope

that you pour down and I drink thoughts of silver rain.