(C) Ali Arsanjani

We wait for it in fields and mountains

We wait for it in scores and thousands


it’s coming, approaching with uncanny pace

not here, in the three dimensions of space


but in the fourth of time, that that plays

us, a cool breeze when we see its face


on the last one, they tested Einstein’s theory of gravity

to see if light will bow in the grandeur of Totality.


It unites and covers our flaws when we feel its majesty

people become civil again, and resurrect magnanimity


some almost tremble, in breathtaking trepidation

others seem cool, feign silent indignation


and then… the sky darkens, the crowd… lulls and hearkens

the eye.. in the sky dilates, peering at expectant covered eyes


we look up and deep, into the eye, with dilated pupils,

news casters pause, in silent respect for totality with people


my hair begins to stands on end, as I feel

the royal presence, pass over,  I’m overwhelmed


as I gaze at the Totality with my inner eye,

I gaze into Eternity and I wonder why


I feel it envelope me from the inside out

The dark-light warmth pervades, abides


It’s not the Sun, it’s not the Moon

It’s their Creator I feel, that makes me swoon

And makes me reel.