Like sauerkraut Swarms of doubt

swirl to mask the very task

That brought you sweetness in abundance

Like clouds that sail to fight

The full moon casting its light

Clarity beguiled by emotion

As the swirls continue their motion

The hundred thoughts you see unfurl

Head swoons but heart searches grace

And I see that look upon your face

That says it took an army to conquer

The ship that with the light set anchor

As the waves they thrashed against the hull

You knew the vectors summed to null

Where steadfast heart serene on light

Would never give in to such a fright

Docks of promise held your head

As the waves of nausea surged and fled

Stomach of ignorance rid of gas

The sounds ensued came out crass

As the vast possibilities of a cleansed mind

Will guide the ship so sailors seaward bound