The Physics of Hinges

“Unification of time and space” impinge on a continuum

in which  hinges allows “relative movement between two

or more [entities] that share an axis” in this case

travelling at close to the speed of light where Einstein

thinks about two trains passing; one that travels near c

And twins age differently; where time is relative

and open to travel.

“Mind the gap”… as you step off the Tube

where tracks represent the vacuum

where the quantum state of least energy

opens the field of all possibilities, in the Field where we will meet

in a spacetime of your choosing like

the green grass beneath the gargantuan boulders

of StoneHenge where Druids observed the geometry of time

long before quantum poetry perceived:

The present — as the hinge of time–

The couplet — as the hinge of rhyme–

The past — a fleeting remnant of last dusk–

The ghazal — trailing lines of love, like musk–

The future — a conjecture of bayesian hope —

The sonnet — a dance of iambs, six sextets and volta

that hinges at the fringe of the spacetime

of poetry

And leave all the quantum states ajar.