The wind blows, a curtain over the moon, my feelings in hesitation, waiting for your love,

I wait, in the darkness, under your window, for a sign, in anticipation, waiting for your love,

Timid, like the moon, my bridled passion, hides behind my patience

I pour my love, into a chalice; too strong, I mix in devotion, waiting for your love

I sip, I sit, in padmasana, on damp grass, under now uncovered stars

I merge, like a drop into the ocean, a bliss that brings transformation, waiting for your love

I wait, for you, to join me here, the Field we knew, where I find redemption

I feel an illusion, you’re a presence in my potion, a dawning revelation, waiting for your love

I wake, my dampened hope, like trampled grass, I stand to face the commotion

Who’s there? Hiding in the yard?” I run, now adrenaline in motion, waiting for your love

I hide, behind a bush, two dogs rush out, my vow remains unbroken, but

You lied, broke our bond of trust, yet here I crouch, in suspended animation, waiting for your love

I hear, the dogs are near, I run and scale the fence, on my shin a tear, I pause and bleed

I see, in the distance, in the lighted window frame, hand to chest, you motion, waiting for my love

Wherever I flee, with whoever you’ll be, let the moonlight breeze, remind you

my ambrosia, before you drink your lust, mix in my devotion, be waiting for my love

Mystic Lover, love seemed an easy affair, without a care, there came complications:

That once coy seductress, now a blue demon, a master of submission, playing with your love

Mystic Seeker, fire intense, never get love caught on pretense, when you’re searching for your love

It’ll bleed like my heart, into your potion, causing a reduction, an erosion of seduction, an abating of your love