Source: The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Fortuitous misgivings of prevalent musts
Gave rise to the strong throw and a tuss, inequity
drove the darker face off the edge of the race in the UK today. 

And fantastical persuasions wove themselves to fit but did not sit with me just right.
Cry out before the woven torrents floods entangle in regret and sweep to drown a voice, a race.
We seek redemption with every fiber of our rhythm,
what we perceive as a mountain among the spring blossoms

or the peak amid the bleak tidal waves that engulf our boats
as we fish for ideas in the sea of thought , we think it
better to go back to the Source:

that deep refuge in the depths beyond despair
in the peaks beyond the passing glory that reeks
of obeisance to false prods that someone deceived us 
were maybe gods, but against the odds we stole a glance

at Reality in the depths where light descends or sometime ascends.
We follow the path of the light and dark in the pavement and in the park;
wherever the path of morality weaves and justice and equity speak.