Can we peer into a quantum crystal ball of data and predict the future?
or predict probabilities of large numbers of people but not a single soul?
Data learns from data and uncertain predictions still point the hazy path.
Certainty is an aspiration now extinct and probability reigns supreme. 

The two roads that diverged in that yellow wood
long have merged into a spectrum of coulds
As I peered to see the one most likely to last
I saw the leaves as a shadow of the past

For all the data pointed to that probability
A Bayesian future of priors that should
Not be lost in long lost roads less travelled by
And dissolve into the infinity of woulds

My perception expanded, transcended, 
my words fall short of my reality.
Prayer now flows in a different language; 
we do not need math to describe numbers
but to describe ineffable, latent Totality 
Beyond profit algorithms that choose 
engagement over the repercussions 
of the vastness of our fears compressed

Into tears that tear into the fabric 
of the universe.