moments of rapture return waves to shore , back to this site

capture the moonlight, , back when it rides

Imitation or… regardless of which, innovation

Those incantations, like those of a witch, follow the shore

When we set our gaze, on the right light phase, laser-like stays

burdens that we carry, laser-like focus, tend to get light

Points of cognition, flying as seagulls, fly to the right

liquid dipping sun, brings our gaze inside,

like every wave that takes a stride

gaze we take inwards, like the flock of birds, migrating eastward

nuanced expression, resonate with grace, colors of flight

the voice the sea, brings salt in your face, but all of these are songs of grace

The music expressed, in words can seem trite,

so back to the beat and you’ll get it right, tighten the strings

melody of the soul, will always sound right, see what it brings,

for you at this night, the seeker will seek, remaining contrite