I dip my toes into the stream of words

caught on woes of the Raven with Edgar Allen Poe

The raven I rave ominously taps as Edgar naps

and the books lay open across his lap where

he sought the lore that brings him respite from Lenore.

A toe caught in the letter of O, now a ring, that brings

us reminiscence of the essence of things like words that ring true

and carry us downstream to express our journey; beyond what hurts.

Together, the letters wave into words and the rare rise up in verse

some in colors of sonnets and ghazals, some terse like haiku

echo the stanzas of the journey of life of someone like you

in the primordial sound of the formation of galaxies, in the deepest mystery

you hear the music of the murmuring stream who reads us poetry aloud.

Who, reads your poetry aloud? The scintillating mystery of you —

how particles vibrated to form the poetry of you .

image by author